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Pitlochry Bed & Breakfast

Environmental Policy

At Moville B&B  we acknowledge that the business we carry out can have a direct and indirect impact upon the environment. We will seek ways to minimise negative impacts on the environment whilst maximising opportunities for improvement in environmental performance.

 We are committed to providing a safe and healthy living environment in our operation - promoting environmental awareness and ensuring full compliance with all Social, Ethical and Environmental (SEE) legislation and regulations.

Responsibility for environmental issues, policy and regular monitoring lies with the owner. As part of the process of assessing environmental impacts Moville B&B will gather information annually. We will also strive to identify waste and other activities associated with an environmental impact such as communications, travel, and facilities management.

 Data on energy consumption and waste production will be evaluated and where necessary we will consider setting targets for appropriate reduction or more efficient management. Here at Moville B&B we will strive to identify opportunities and consider the use of alternative energy provision in its facilities through evaluation of renewable, sustainable energy sources wherever financially prudent and practical.

 Our guests and suppliers will be consulted on a wide range of SEE issues including the environment. Feedback and dialogue will assist in policy development, which will be reviewed regularly and revised where necessary.


Social, Ethical and Environmental Practices (some examples)


We recycle as much waste as possible - Paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, packaging and envelopes. We compost all raw vegetable matter and recycle all food waste. Only one standard green bin of non recyclable waste is used per month.

We source all our B&B foods, soaps, toiletries and linen from Scotland. 80% of our breakfast ingredients are sourced locally here in Perthshire. Our rolls, pancakes, shortbread, cakes, granola, marmalade and some compotes are all homemade.

 90% of our bulbs are energy saving. Our main kitchen appliances are all A rated.

Our loft and eaves have been fully insulated under the SCARF initiative.

 We feed our birds and red squirrels throughout the winter with seed mix, fat balls, nijer seeds and peanuts. We have an ongoing planting program to increase the number and diversity of our wildlife.

 We only use local contractors and upon receipt of invoices are 'next day' payers.

 All our stationary is recycled or chlorine free. Our preferred method of communication is telephone or email.

We have carried out a risk assessment for the Fire regulations and produced full Fire Safety notes for guests. There is a strict no smoking policy within the B&B.


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